Camston Wrather

Various architectural features were implemented to achieve challenging sound control constraints. These included:

  • Complex wall assemblies including multiple layers of drywall
  • Appropriate air gap separations between wall assemblies
  • Achieving sound dampening concepts coordinated with challenging fire separation requirements utilizing appropriate framing methods
  • Sound resistant insulation
  • Proper caulking of all penetrations
  • Careful assessment and limited use of appropriate windows and doors from production area to office area requiring sound separation

Coordinating architectural and structural features were implemented.

  • An open entry design involved the use of exposed structural members, railings and cables to achieve an updated combination of strength and beauty
  • The varied use of naturally sealed concrete floors reveals the strength of the underlying structure meanwhile providing for a clean office environment setting
  • A successful blending of necessary structural components complemented with appropriate architectural finishes resulted in a pleasing balance of form and function
  • Smooth, clean epoxy flooring was used in required clean rooms giving chemical resistance as well as sanitary performance

Security and safety measures included:

  • Point of access security doors coordinated with retinal scanning
  • Special window films allowing light penetration but limiting visual sight access