We have 50+ lots and 280+ acres of Industrial lands for available for development across our region

Hamann Land Development is the division of Hamann Companies that buys land for the purpose of generating build to suit construction opportunities for Hamann Construction. It provides an opportunity to either construct a concrete tilt up building, for sale to a user, or to construct a tilt up building for lease to a user. Hamann Land Development does not sell land without a building contract in place with Hamann Construction.

The locations listed below are potential sites, that Hamann Companies owns, where we could construct a building for you or your client. We have property located in 3 parts of San Diego County: North, East and South. We also have property in Riverside County.

View available Industrial lands for Development

DOM1 - Ailsa Ct. & Otay Mesa Rd.
DOM2 - Ailsa Ct. & Otay Mesa Rd.
DOM3 - Ailsa Ct. & Otay Mesa Rd.
DOM4 - Ailsa Ct. & Otay Mesa Rd.
DOM5 - Ailsa Ct. & Otay Mesa Rd.
OCM - 7030 Camino Maquiladora
OGP 5 - 6679 Camino Maquiladora
OGP 6 - 6653 Camino Maquiladora
DHM - Winchester Rd. & Sky Canyon Dr
MWR - Winchester Rd 4.47 acres
SIL - Commerce, Murrieta Hot Springs, Calistoga and Town View